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Network Security for Further & Higher Education

Colleges and universities are being pressured to increase their ability to acquire and serve staff and students by providing unrestricted, high bandwidth access and services to anyone on or around campus, but what are the network security implications for meeting this demand?

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BYOD Was Merely an Appetizer; IoT is the Main Course

In recent years, as employees have increasingly brought smart phones and tablets and even their own laptops to work, hoping to connect them to their employers' networks, a raft of challenges have ensued. Chief among these have been the numerous security concerns raised by having to allow unverified devices to access the network, as well as the potential for sensitive business data to leave the network on those devices.

But as vexing as the BYOD phenomenon has been for IT leaders, it has been a mere appetizer to the main course: The widespread adoption of the Internet of Things...

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