Humans and Software Robots working side-by-side

Intelligent software to automate tasks and processes

Amillan are in a perfect position to help you implement Advanced AI, Automation and ChatBot solutions, helping you plan and implement, as well as providing ongoing support.

ChatBots and SpeechBots

Amillan can provide ChatBot and SpeechBot solutions that offer advanced webchat and telephone self-service interactions, specifically designed for customer services, that will deliver intelligent, accurate and consistent automated responses. This will allow your organisation to serve customers 24×7, through their channel of choice, offering an intuitive service providing excellent user experience.

Customer services are typically one of the busiest teams within an organisation, receiving and making thousands of calls, chats, and email enquiries every year.  Voice is still the most used channel, followed by web interactions, email and social media, with the latter increasing through the younger generations.  Customers are transitioning towards new ways of engaging that are more convenient to them and are embracing the option to self-serve if the experience is good and they avoid queuing.

With the change in people’s attitudes and the shift towards digital technology there is now an opportunity to introduce 24×7 service automation through existing channels (telephony, email, Web chat) whilst also to introduce new services via Apps, Smart devices (mobile phones, tablets, smart speakers, wearables, etc) whether through messaging, speech or visual interfaces.

The Amillan Bot services can be deployed to handle a significant number of general enquiries and be tailored to provide information across the organisation or specific details for individual departments.  The service has the ability to integrate with existing business systems via RPA and be able to automate end to end processes allowing wider adoption of automation in the future.


Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the application of software to automate tasks and processes otherwise performed by humans. RPA software “robots” work alongside employees to improve the handling of countless types of processes, including inputting, copying or manipulating data, triggering other processes, or communicating with other systems.

Why RPA?
Software robots can accomplish multiple simultaneous activities, tirelessly, quickly and accurately, freeing up their human counterparts for more complex, high value, and sensitive tasks that require human attributes such as emotional intelligence, reasoning or judgment.

Amillan can provide solutions for Robotic Process Automation composed of applications and features within the Microsoft Power Platform (Automate, Flow, Apps, Graph API, Power BI) or SAP Intelligent RPA (SAP IRPA).

Amillan’s RPA and ChatBot Solutions can help your organisation with:

  • Automating repetitive businesses processes
  • Reducing Contact Centre Workload
  • Enhancing your customer and employee experience
  • Creating customer experience dashboards displaying key data
  • Optimising efficiency and reduce costs
  • Automating data input and replication
  • Simplifying screen and application navigation
  • Creating Single Sign in / Start my day processes
  • Providing Calculation and Data manipulation across a range of applications
  • Database integration
  • API and web services integration


Your business will benefit from:

  • Save interaction time and costs for your customer service teams
  • Get all data brought to the forefront
  • Have a clear data audit
  • Know you’re fully compliant
  • Empowering employees – less need to perform tedious, mundane tasks, which keeps staff more productive.
  • Be alerted straight away of any items you have failed to bill for
  • Keep high quality control standards
  • Increase the speed, efficiency and accuracy of processes
  • Freeing your team up to focus on bigger, more complex, high value strategy work


New innovative ChatBot and RPA applications are being developed by our team for end user clients daily. To discuss what Automation can do for you please contact Amillan to book an exploratory call.

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