Tasked with being able to embrace digital technologies whilst battling budget restraints and out-dated systems, educational establishments are required to be at the forefront of innovation, to enable future generations to embrace the evolving digital landscape.


Your challenges…

  • Data and security –GDPR and data security are at the forefront of the educational landscape, holding vast amounts of personal data from students, staff and other key stakeholders. Solutions need to be reliable and resilient when dealing with the ever-present threat of cyber-security whilst being able to adapt to potential changes in legislation.
  • Out-of-Date systems – Many education establishments suffer from possessing dated equipment and software that over-complicate processes, leading to reduced productivity and higher maintenance costs. Solutions are required to utilise the latest technology available within the industry.
  • Financial and budget pressures – As with all Public Sector organisations, cost and budget pressures are often one of the top drivers for digital transformation in the UK, with organisations in Education having to make greater financial and efficiency savings whilst still delivering excellent public service.


Digitisation: the benefits

  • Greater customer service for students
  • Modernised processes
  • Higher data protection compliance
  • Economical pricing
  • Improved internal communication
  • More collaboration



Amillan solutions empower digital transform in Education

Amillan supports a wide range of education institutes to help them better communicate with key stakeholders. As a RM3808 Network Services 2 frameworks supplier, Amillan can offer a streamlined and stress-free process when implementing state of the art communications to its customers.

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