Funding cuts, rent freezes and reduced investments have put huge pressure on social housing organisations, with new legislation, such as the Welfare Reform and Universal Credit adding further challenges.
Despite this organisations still need to serve their tenants who are constantly demanding better service delivery, with expectations of faster response times and improved communication across a range of channels.

The challenges

  • A dispersed workforce needs to collaborate – The modern workplace needs to evolve to enable staff to work from home, out in the community or hot desk as easily as they could in the office. Flexibility and mobility can’t come at the expense of efficiency so organisations need to ensure their staff can still work collaboratively and  colleagues, partner organisations and customers.
  • The evolution of tenant expectations – Tenants’ expectations of how they communicate with you is developing at a rapid rate, moving beyond voice to e-mail, webchat, social media and even video . This means you need to consider a multi-channel ‘always-on’ approach. By continuing to place the customer experience at the heart of operations, housing associations can enhance the digitisation of services in a way that not only overhauls business processes, but also transforms tenants’ lives.
  • Focus on results and quality – Monitoring, reporting and evaluation are critical to ensure a consistent and high quality service across every communication channel. Housing associations now have a significant amount of data available to them, this provides an excellent opportunity for better service analysis but also brings with it considerations around data security and privacy to ensure legislative responsibilities such as PCI, GDPR are met.

Digitisation: the benefits

  • Flexible, adaptable communication channels for staff and tenants
  • Streamlining processes
  • Improved agent engagement
  • Increased customer satisfaction levels
  • Resilience and quality control
  • Intelligent reporting

Amillan supports organisations on their smarter working journeys

Amillan works closely with a long-standing base of housing associations, providing technology solutions to drive digital initiatives, improve efficiency and enable better collaboration with tenants, staff and service providers. Using technology as an enabler for strategic change is a continual process and have helped many organisations on their journey towards digital transformation. There is a positive future ahead, let’s get efficient and use technology to work smart. Contact us to discuss how we can work together and support your digital evolution.

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