Your network is facing a rapidly evolving threat landscape full of modern applications, exploits, malware, and attack strategies that can avoid traditional methods of detection. Threats are delivered via applications that:

Dynamically hop ports

Use non-standard ports

Tunnel within other applications

Hide within proxies, SSL or other types of encryption

Additionally, your enterprise is exposed to targeted and customised malware, which can easily pass undetected through traditional antivirus solutions.

Many of the above may be stopped by your existing firewall solution, but how many aren’t?

Amillan can now offer all customers a free Security Life-Cycle Report, to help you pinpoint exactly where the holes are in your data network security.

By placing a test appliance on your network and passively monitoring traffic for one week, Amillan can produce a custom risk assessment including real exposure to threats, user behavior, and application usage, helping you better understand the cyber risks your organisation faces.

Contact Amillan today for more information and to arrange your free Security Life-Cycle Report.

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