Organisations are under increasing pressure to meet rising service expectations from digital customers. While customer experience continues to rise to the top of every business agenda, Customer Service Representatives often struggle to navigate a collection of disconnected desktop applications whenever they engage with customers. This leads to wasted time and the potential for error, switching between different applications to copy, paste or review customer data.  This is both frustrating and time consuming for both employees and customers.

Have you considered a ChatBot and AI strategy for your contact centre? By connecting and simplifying the automation and connectivity process between machines and humans easily. By using ChatBots, it frees up organisations to focus on higher value human to human interactions which in turn increases productivity and efficiency and provides the agility needed to stay ahead of ever changing customer needs


ChatBots and AI in the Contact Centre

ChatBots are intelligent machines which can perform various automated tasks on behalf of contact centre agents. The digital age has given rise to a culture of customers who are used to interacting with machines and getting immediate gratification. ChatBots and AI are not just buzzwords, think of them as a tool for enabling self-service via digital communications channels. Making use of natural language and augmented intelligence to provide information not to just customers but agents as well. Let the Bots concentrate on the data driven tasks but ensure you have the ability to escalate to live agents with information as needed. Continuing to deliver a seamless customer experience from end to end for the customer.

We have built a library of predefined Bots, which can be customised using sophisticated natural language processing systems which allow interaction with customers and deliver a data driven intelligent response to service requests. The library addresses common use cases and can be integrated into an existing contact centre solution.

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