About Walsall College

Walsall College is one of the most successful colleges in the country – a place where more than 14,000 people study vocational-technical qualifications, apprenticeships, and higher education programmes each year. Their vision is to provide students with an outstanding learning experience, education and skills development to support them into higher levels of study and jobs.

Our Relationship

The college was mindful of the fact that they needed a seamless migration from the old systems to the new environment. Walsall needed a technology partner who could provide a fully integrated solution, had a proven track record of doing so and had the vision to provide the college with the technology solutions to take them into the future.

Amillan was chosen to provide structured cabling, telephony, data and applications for the Wirsemore campus. Working with Amillan on the project right from the beginning, provided Walsall College with a greater level of integration. Our solutions were also able to provide the college with simplified communications and high levels of mobility for staff and students.


“Seamless migration was our objective on the project and with Amillan we achieved that. Throughout the project, we had every confidence that they would deliver what they promised and they did.” – Walsall Collge

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