Why does digital transformation matter to educators?

Gone are the days when students sit in the classroom and learn solely by listening to lectures. Today, education must be collaborative and interactive. Teachers are making drastic changes to the way they approach instruction, with technology in the classroom playing a major role. Digital transformation positively impacts student learning by opening a world of endless possibilities and collaboration.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a physical AND philosophical change designed to meet the ever-growing demands of your students, faculty and campus to create a learning environment where everything connects. This is an ecosystem that combines technology, services and security to bridge the digital gap to create collaborative, interactive and personalized learning experiences.


What issues are driving digital transformation?

• Campus security
• Information security
• Student success
• IT strategy
• Data enablement
• Student-centric services
• Affordability
• Digital integration
• Artificial intelligence

How do you create a digitally transformed campus?

• Build a strong IT foundation
• Foster successful students
• Create a safe campus
• Deliver state-of-the-art cybersecurity
• Deploy operational efficiencies


What do I need to do in order to digitally transform?

Digital transformation starts with a strategy. A clearly defined strategy that leverages opportunities presented by the new technology while meeting the objectives of your stakeholders. The following four steps will help you develop a digital transformation strategy for education:

1. Connect everything to support tomorrow’s digital world Set up strong strategic partnerships and build an ecosystem connecting your people, processes and things to build a communications network that is high capacity, secure and smart.

2. Deploy analytics to automate, understand and save money. Use real-life, real-time data to drive strategic initiatives that improve performance, roll out upgrades and make infrastructure decisions.

3. Roll out new business models “Freemium” software and on-demand services are cheaper, more flexible and simpler to manage than traditional systems, and may be just the ticket for your campus.

4. Move towards a single, simple platform Whether it is on-premises or in the cloud, the ultimate goal of digital transformation is to provide a single platform as the foundation of your network and communications infrastructure.

What’s the bottom line?

Digital transformation is creating a world of difference by rethinking the digital tools that are used in the classroom. Digital tools are driving new levels of collaboration and innovation to create a campus of endless learning possibilities.

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