About Lyons Seafoods

Lyons Seafoods is the UK’s leading supplier of prawns and speciality seafoods, providing the highest quality products from controlled ecologically sound and sustainable sources.

Lyons places environmental considerations at the core of its business operations and is an industry leader in sustainable sourcing and ethical partnerships.

Lyons Seafoods operates three sites in the UK (totalling approx. 300 users), two in the South West of England, with a third 400 miles away in Duns, Scotland. The organisation has a wide variety of job functions, including traditional desk workers, home/ mobile workers and factory operatives.

With platforms approaching the end of life, Lyons Seafoods was keen to explore the latest developments in Unified Communications, seeing the potential for IT to become a facilitator in increasing operational efficiency across their geographically dispersed workforce.

The Project

Amillan sought to deeply understand Lyon Seafoods’ requirements and the business environment that the solution would have to exist within. After evaluating several alternatives it was decided that a Microsoft Skype for Business Unified Communications and Enterprise Voice platform would best address the problems that the organisation was facing.

To allow communications in areas of the factory with poor signal, Amillan also worked with Lyons Seafoods to improve Wi-Fi signal coverage which would give them access to Skype for Business from a smartphone or tablet, allowing them full UC functionality whilst roaming around the site. This development meant for the first time, all employees are connectable and contactable across Lyons’ entire estate.

In addition, Amillan provides ongoing training and priority technical support via the in-house Amillan Service Centre (ASC) to Lyons Seafoods, ensuring any issues encountered can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, with minimal impact to Lyons Seafood’s day-to-day business operations.

After roughly 7 years of successfully supporting the Skype for Business platform,  Amillan assisted Lyons Seafoods in their migration to Microsoft Teams in the Office 365 cloud, utilising Voice Direct Routing. This allowed Lyons Seafoods to seamlessly migrate to Microsoft’s latest offering in UC, without affecting the daily running of the business.

Amillan, in partnership with Quiss technology, continues to work closely with Lyons Seafoods to help them ensure their infrastructure is agile enough to take advantage of the latest developments and features in UC.

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