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Sennheiser ensures their headsets are compatible with global providers of telephony and Unified Communications platforms and products. Working with partners to develop integrated, easy-to-install solutions that deliver the ultimate UC experience in terms of sound, comfort and hearing protection.

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In order to deliver the benefits offered by UC in the enterprise environment, there is one, unifying accessory which can link everything together: A headset.

Irrespective of the type of communications used in your enterprise, a state-of-the art headset from Sennheiser Communications allows you to choose the best way of connecting to every one of your work tools. This could be a single-sided headband model which allows you to keep one ear open to your immediate environment, or perhaps a discreet ear hook which allows you to maintain a certain look throughout the day. You connect your headset to your desk phone, softphone and cell phone, confident that you will be able to interact with everything you use.

Irrespective of which headset you choose from Sennheiser Communications, you will also be protected from sudden noise surges by ActiveGard, our unique hearing protection technology. Unlike other systems, ActiveGard actually removes, rather than ‘clips’, surplus noise and leaves you with clear, distortion-free sound at a safe and comfortable level.

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