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Polycom believes in the power of bringing people together, regardless of location, to create better collaboration experiences and change the way people work.

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We live in a mobile, social, global world and it shows in the way business gets done. The 24 x 7 nature of business means workers are adapting to a new business reality. Business hours are less constrained and arguably run around the clock. Distributed workforces have become a standard protocol for competing in today’s economic environment. Business happens beyond the walls of your organization. You interact regularly with customers, suppliers and partners. Workers are increasingly on the go and embracing the flexibility of mobile communications to balance the demands of the office in the most efficient and productive way possible.

What does this all mean? It means collaboration is as critical to business as it has ever been. Companies that provide the best collaboration capabilities, suitable for conducting business with anyone, anywhere, will stand out among the others and gain a competitive advantage. The ubiquity and popularity of video, combined with the undeniable benefits of face-to-face collaboration, make video collaboration a natural investment for your communications strategy.

Companies choose Polycom for solutions that enable their geographically dispersed workforces to communicate and collaborate more effectively and productively over distances. Using Polycom telepresence, video, and voice solutions and services, people connect and collaborate from their desktops, meeting rooms, class rooms, and mobile settings.

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We work with UC providers that organizations know and trust. Together, we ensure Polycom solutions are interoperable with the industry’s most popular business tools and most common UC environments.”

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