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Palo Alto Networks is partnering with some of the most demanding industries to ensure their data and critical infrastructure remain safe from targeted cyberattacks. These organizations have learned firsthand the power of a next-generation security platform when it comes to safely enabling the use of all applications, maintaining complete visibility and control, and confidently pursuing new business ventures, while protecting the organization from the latest cyberthreat.

Today’s Security Challenge

Organizations today are getting pummeled by new sophisticated attacks that blend malicious techniques. These attacks can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue and compromise customer data, intellectual property, business reputation,and overall livelihood. Cybersecurity risk increases with the adoption of initiatives like cloud computing, BYOD, and SDN, which represent new computing models that have the potential of introducing weaknesses in an organization’s security posture. Compounding this is the growing number of Internet-connected applications entering an organization’s environment that unintentionally provide more “windows and doors” for cybercriminals to worm their way into the network. The combination of these factors makes security a real challenge for organizations today. Unfortunately, legacy firewalls, UTMs, and standalone threat detection products fall short addressing these challenges because they are not architecturally designed to effectively coordinate across threat disciplines or deliver the advanced protection and performance needed at the right place in today’s modern computing environments.

Integration Means Security

Palo Alto's natively integrated platform brings network, cloud and endpoint security into a common architecture, with complete visibility and control, ensuring your organization can detect and prevent attacks. This next-generation enterprise platform streamlines day-to-day operations and boosts security efficacy, and the one-of-a-kind, multi-layered defence model prevents threats at each stage of the attack kill chain.

Automatic and Awesome

Focus your team on only the high-priority security events and let the Palo Alto Networks platform take care of the lower-priority congestion. An automated platform eliminates the need for expensive, manual processes and improves your organization's ability to quickly respond to new global threats. New threats are quickly detected and attacks are prevented: all without your best people spending hours manually monitoring endless pools of alerts.

Build the Ultimate Secure Enterprise.

Palo Alto's Enterprise Security Platform protects every corner of your organization — safely enabling all applications and users — from their mobile devices to the very core of your hybrid cloud computing environment.

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