Deliver the most innovative, highest performing network security fabric to secure and simplify your IT infrastructure.

Fortinet provides Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for carriers, data centres and enterprises of all sizes. Providing network security via industry leading solutions such as NGFW, Email, Web, Endpoint and Sandbox, Fortinet provides advanced threat protection and detection from even the most robust network attacks. With a wide range of products, Fortinet’s solutions include Web application firewalls to DDoS protection applications.

Security Without Compromise

Organizations today require a fast and secure network to be successful. Whether or not you have the right protection immediately responding to threats throughout your network can determine if your business runs smoothly or is the victim of a security breach. Fortinet is the only company with security solutions for network, endpoint, application, data centre, cloud, and access designed to work together as an integrated and collaborative security fabric. This also means we are the only company that can truly provide you with a powerful, integrated end-to-end security solution across the entire attack surface. To enable an effective defence, the data and security elements across all of your various environments must be well-integrated, able to share intelligence, and visible. The Fortinet Security Fabric gives you control, integration, and easy management of security across your entire organization, from IoT to the cloud.

Unparalleled Third-Party Certifications

Real-world testing is the best way to evaluate the effectiveness and speed of technology. The number of unverified claims from vendors about what their products can do is overwhelming. That’s why we routinely submit our products and technologies for independent tests so that you can verify for yourself that our claims of top performance and effectiveness are valid.

Fortinet Cyber Threat Assessment (CTAP)

The threat landscape is in a state of constant evolution. The rapid development of new malware, constant identification of critical flaws in software, rise of more organized and highly complex cybercriminal organizations and the high value of corporate data all contribute to the challenges faced by IT security leaders working hard to build and maintain the integrity of their critical corporate resources. To stay ahead of the threats, cybersecurity professionals need to know what these hackers are after and understand the unique attack strategies that they employ as a result. Fortinet’s CTAP: Threat Landscape Report takes a look at your overall threat environment and drills down into the potential holes in your security fabric.

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