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Amillan and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise have enjoyed a close business relationship for many years, working together to deliver communications and networking technologies to organisations across a broad range of vertical markets.

About Alcatel-Lucent Open Touch

Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch opens the door to collaborative conversations. This converged multimedia communications suite lets people converse and collaborate seamlessly across devices, media and locations. Employees are free to engage with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers in the best way to accelerate business. And IT departments can finally deliver more advanced communications services without fear of increasing complexity or costs.

Able to deliver the complete range of multimedia collaborative communications features within a single architecture, or able to provide a powerful and robust communications platform that integrates with other Unified Communications solutions, OpenTouch builds on decades of innovation and expertise gained from Alcatel-Lucent’s prominence in the communications marketplace to deliver a platform for the future. OpenTouch™ is natively:


Employees can have a single conversation that crosses mobile phones, tablets, desk phones and computers. Switching devices during conversations is transparent and easy.


Conferencing is at the heart of OpenTouch Conference participants can easily come and go during conversations. Conversations expand. Decision cycles shrink.


High-definition video, IM and web conferencing capabilities mean every user enjoys rich communications services without additional investments. Employees can stay connected, collaborate and share content more efficiently.

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About Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Networking and Infrastructure

Corporate data centre infrastructures must evolve. Mobility, real-time applications and virtualization have created new demands that yesterday's data centre architectures aren't equipped to handle. Users need anytime, anywhere access to rich-media applications from smartphones, tablets and other devices - and they need it now.

Automate Your Network

The next critical phase in network evolution is automation of the data centre network. Server virtualization has enabled rapid application deployment and increased movement of applications between virtualized servers or data centres. Traditional networks are not designed to handle this, causing poor application performance and latency as networks and administrators adapt to virtualized internal changes. Automation at the network control layer eliminates latency and optimizes application delivery.

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Providing best-in-class consulting, services and support for enterprises, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Business Partners help you thrive in today's competitive market.”

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