Retell: Gold Partner

Telephone call recording, as a routine yet vital business tool, is benefiting more and more organisations across the world.

Retell and Amillan have enjoyed a successful partnership for many years now and the Gold accreditation was awarded to acknowledge Amillan’s achievement in sales and marketing excellence in promoting Retell’s award-winning Sense call recording platform and associated business telephony solutions.

About Retell

Retell’s call recording equipment and accessories range is the most comprehensive in the UK.

In partnership with Retell Amillan can provide telephone recording products to address the broadest palette of business and public-sector usage: from the comparatively modest needs of individuals, through the regular requirements of SMEs, to the weight, volume, accuracy and rigorousness demanded by the largest government departments, financial trading floors and multi-seat call centres.

Throughout business Retell has continually raised the bar on advanced call recording technology. In the 90s Retell was the first company to facilitate telephone recording through the insulated cable; a major advance in the days before handsets commonly could be unplugged.

Retell telephone recording solutions now cover the widest possible range of usages, from call logging, call centre recording and music-on-hold to voice firewalls and related PABX and PBX anti-phreaking, hacking and toll fraud.

Cost-effective, technically advanced and easily scalable with business growth, a Retell solution can have a highly-beneficial impact on the budget of any enterprise.

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Retell is proud to work with Amillan and both companies look forward to a bright and successful partnership.”

Everton Stuart, Retell Commercial Director