Be prepared for the next wave of cyber-attacks…

The recent increase in Cyber-attacks have been a wake-up call to many businesses across the world. We want to make all Amillan customers aware of the following best practice advice to help you ensure your organisation isn't the next to be hit…

Why were organisations vulnerable to the WannaCry ransomware attack?

"1. Failure to apply a security patch from Microsoft - graded the most serious 'critical' update - as of 14 March 2017.

"2. Having their network firewalls configured badly to allow traffic from the Internet or third-parties that should be blocked.”

BBC News 15/5/2017

How can you protect yourself against the next attack?

Amillan recommends all organisations have the following basic security measures in place as a minimum:

  • Establish a regular routine for patching operating systems, software, and firmware on all devices. For larger organizations with lots of deployed devices, consider adopting a centralized patch management system.
  • Deploy IPS, AV, and Web Filtering technologies, and keep them updated.
  • Back up data regularly. Verify the integrity of those backups, encrypt them, and test the restoration process to ensure it is working properly.
  • Scan all incoming and outgoing emails to detect threats and filter executable files from reaching end users.
  • Schedule your anti-virus and anti-malware programs to automatically conduct regular scans.
  • Disable macro scripts in files transmitted via email. Consider using a tool like Office Viewer to open attached Microsoft Office files rather than the Office suite of applications.
  • Establish a business continuity and incident response strategy and conduct regular vulnerability assessments.

Amillan CyberSecure: Advanced cyber security from a trusted partner...

Amillan CyberSecure is a complete network security proposition for a scale-able monthly cost which includes:

  • Next Generation Firewalls to protect against known and unknown threats. 
  • Advanced Endpoint protection for the mobile worker. Protect users from inadvertently compromising their systems without burdensome virus scans.
  • 24x7 cyber security threat SIEM network monitoring service collating intelligence from all your IT devices, with analysis and remedial reporting from Security experts in our Security Operation Centre.
  • Cutting-edge security technology from Palo Alto & Fortinet, Gartner recognised, industry leading cyber security innovators.
  • Free of charge trial audits available for all Amillan CyberSecure services.

Contact us today to learn more and ensure you are prepared for the next attack.

Is your phone system also vulnerable? 

Amillan is aware of a number of PBX phone systems users, who due to inadequate security protection and policies, have already been victims to phreaking attacks in 2017 resulting in great financial loss.

We strongly recommend you and your system users familiarize themselves with our basic advice on protecting your phone system from toll fraud

If you have concerns on the security of your telephony system please call the Amillan Support Centre or your dedicated Account Manager who will be happy to help ensure you have all the necessary precautions in place.

Free of Charge- Amillan CyberSecure Audit

Amillan can offer your organisation a free cyber security audit to help you discover any holes in your security infrastructure, by monitoring and immediately reporting back on any breach- with instructions of actions needed to fix.

Contact Amillan today to learn more and book your free CyberSecure trial.