Will you be the next victim of Phreaking?

The telecom industry has recently experienced an increase in toll and premium rate service frauds targeting organisations of all sizes.

Often referred to as "Phreaking", these deceptive acts cause tremendous financial losses and disruption to normal business activity. Therefore, it is important for Telecoms and IT teams to remain alert and ensure a robust security policy is applied to prevent these fraudulent acts.

How can I prevent phone fraud?

Most malicious uses occur because of poor password policies or failure to fully implement the protection mechanisms embedded in communication systems. Our new datasheet outlines some simple guidelines to help protect your phone system.

Click to view Amillan's "Anti-Phreaking" Datasheet and check your phone system is protected.

For assistance ensuring these security guidelines have been applied on your system please contact the Amillan Service Centre (ASC) via your dedicated support number.

There are a number of products available to offer advanced protection to organisations, including low-cost single add-on Voice Firewall solutions, for more information and a complete quotation please contact your Amillan Account Manager or the Amillan Sales Desk.

Phone: 0845 504 8885 (Option 1- Sales)