Northamptonshire Police Selects Amillan To Deliver ‘Blue Light’ Service

Northamptonshire Police has selected Amillan to deploy an Aspect Unified IP contact centre solution to provide its vital ‘blue light’ service.

Northamptonshire Police serves an area of over 900 square miles, and needs a robust and reliable emergency call centre service to guarantee that its 640,000 residents can get through in emergency situations. With an aging contact centre, Northamptonshire Police identified the need to implement a new, intelligent contact centre to ensure that the 120,000 emergency calls requesting police attention were being handled efficiently and accurately.

Aspect has a long-standing reputation of delivering market-leading contact centre solutions to some of the world’s largest organisations, providing 99.999% availability through its solutions, an essential requirement for the emergency services. As the Aspect solution will run on any telephony platform, it provides flexibility for the future, and avoids any obscelescence of the contact centre or telephony system, ensuring the lifespan and ROI of the solution.

Evaluating Amillan’s Aspect contact centre solution, Northamptonshire Police found that the rich feature set, resilience and intuitive structure met the Police Force’s needs. Aspect’s Unified IP contact centre solution includes automatic call distribution, ensuring that calls are intelligently routed to available officers and can be dealt with efficiently, vital for the emergency services.

Coupled with Amillan’s prestigious reputation for delivering contact centres to customers such as Currys PC World, University of Westminster, University of the West of England and Swinton Insurance, the solution fit the Police force’s needs.

Ben Long, System Manager for Northamptonshire Police, said: “The police contact centre provides a critical service which depends upon a high level of availability. The Force will be using Amillan’s Aspect solution to maintain the high quality response expected from calls for assistance, both in the case of an emergency and in less urgent circumstances.”

“Our priority is ensuring that we are serving the community that we look after, and the emergency contact centre is crucial to that service.”

Richard Reid, director at Amillan, said: “A blue light service is one of the most important facilities offered by the emergency services, and it is imperative that the technology supporting it is solid and reliable.

“Our Aspect Unified IP contact centre is a proven technology providing resiliency and intelligent routing that aids our customers in delivering a service to its users, particularly when it can be a life or death situation.”