Corning awards Amillan Network Preferred Installer status

Corning Cable Systems, part of Corning’s telecommunications segment, a leading manufacturer of fibre optic and copper communications systems, has partnered with Midlands communications company Amillan.

Boasting nearly 30 years’ cabling experience, Amillan was identified as an ideal partner in the region to become Corning’s Network Preferred Installer (NPI), one of a small group of specialist partners in the UK. Amillan can now offer the fully shielded solutions manufactured by Corning, and high-end infrastructure solutions for projects specifying premium products.

Known for their fibre optic cabling, and historically the manufacturers of glass and ceramics, Corning’s high specification products are typically deployed in data centres and campus environments such as in healthcare and universities, where low loss and high quality manufacturing is key to the success of a solution.

Keith Sullivan, EMEA Marketing Director for Corning, said; “Amillan is a key strategic partner for Corning in the UK, and I am delighted that they have achieved the Premium NPI status which reflects both organisations’ ongoing commitment to quality.”

“We’re pleased to be awarded the Network Preferred Installer status by Corning as part of our partnership. Highly specified projects need both a premium product and an experienced installer, and with Corning and Amillan, both of these needs are met,” says Richard Reid, director at Amillan. “As the only NPI in the Midlands, this will provide project managers with a clear route to deployment of the Corning solution, and Amillan is only too happy to help.”