The mass adoption of mobile devices and the use of multimedia services throughout organisations is bringing new challenges for enterprises and IT managers. Multiple operating systems, adoption of cloud, and dynamic network demands can overwhelm the capabilities of separate standalone IT tools and systems.

Amillan offers converged wired and wireless solutions to address networking challenges, management complexity and offer a consistent user experience. They comprise a rich set of secure BYOD (“bring your own device”) services that enable employees and customers to use corporate or personal, wired or wireless devices on the enterprise network, while the enhancements also help simplify IT operations, improving security and protecting business investments.

As a skilled integrator, Amillan blends together ‘best of breed’ technologies and elements to bring you a cohesive, reliable and secure, high-performance network that supports your organisation’s operations.

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Key Case Studies

Read case studies of Amillan's solutions installed across a broad and diverse customer base.

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