The backbone of all communication is the infrastructure that conducts it. The cabling infrastructure of public sector buildings, business offices and campuses provides the connectivity for all information systems used in that space, and it needs to be reliable. Furthermore, due to the invasive nature of cabling installations, the infrastructure should be capable of meeting the needs of the organisation for many years to come, minimising the need for further replacements/upgrades as the communications or IT environments change and develop.

New Builds

In new build projects, Amillan has been engaged by virtually all the UK’s major construction companies to deliver cabling infrastructure, often layering other integrated technologies such as data, Wi-Fi, telephony, video and security on top of the infrastructure to provide a complete turnkey solution for the occupying organisation.

Wired or Wireless

Increasingly, infrastructure comprises blended wired and wireless deployments and here again Amillan can boast extensive experience as we provide hybrid solutions based on WI-FI, cabled and fibre technologies that deliver the most effective backbone in the most appropriate way.

The Data Centre

Talk to us about your data centre. The data centre needs to be a dynamic resource in order to meet the changing demands of the organisation, and transmission and switching capacity increase by orders of magnitude on a regular basis. Amillan can provide the ICT infrastructure cabling, data networking, switches and infrastructure design to ensure compatibility across the entire range of technology elements that deliver your data centre services.

Communications infrastructure is our roots. Founded as a specialist cabling company nearly 30 years ago and still at the forefront of this technology, Amillan has installed millions of infrastructure access points in education, health, retail, finance, technology and commercial locations around the country – not to mention some of the UK’s leading sporting stadiums.

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Key Case Studies

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