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Social Media

Consumers are more empowered, connected and vocal than ever before – using social media to express opinions with unprecedented reach and speed. While more than 70 percent of customer complaints expressed on Twitter go unanswered by brands, 88 percent of consumers cite that they will not purchase from those companies that ignore those tweets.

With Amillan’s integrated social solution, organisations can take disciplined, constructive social actions – based on customer contact best practices – and grow social customer loyalty and value. By extending the discipline of the contact centre to the social sphere, organizations can consolidate and orchestrate conversations and achieve greater efficiency at the same time by reducing reliance on costly traditional channels that are hard to maintain and that customers are reluctant to use. It turns social monologues into productive dialogues that grow customer value.

Designed from the ground up to meet the specialised needs of contact centres, Amillan’s social solution identifies and prioritises posts, routing them to the appropriate team where agents can respond within the originating social network. Agents can easily embed available knowledge base content into their responses, satisfying customers who increasingly prefer answers and advice from their peers.

Organisations can also benefit from directing people to low-cost online channels where customers can find answers with minimal effort.

Outbound calling

Inherent in the design of our contact centre solution, integrated outbound calling can transform the effectiveness and dynamics of any customer engagement.

No longer an application solely for high-volume campaigns into the market, the complete integration of our outbound solution means that it can form part of the thread of any customer engagement and can be woven into conversations initiated on webchat, SMS, email or social. Because it’s part of the fabric of our systems, customer engagements that involve both inbound and outbound interactions are wrapped up in the same management and performance process for complete end-end reporting.

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