End-to-end Reporting

Managing and monitoring the effectiveness of your customer engagements is essential in order to maintain service and satisfaction levels. Amillan delivers contact centre solutions that are completely integrated and have consistent management and reporting across every type of media and irrespective of who initiates the conversations. The result is reliable and complete reporting and analysis of the performance of every resource in your customer service function, end to end, cradle to grave.

Amillan also provides a comprehensive suite of Workforce Management tools that can produce rapid ROI through immediate efficiencies.

Workforce Management allows you to:

  • Reduce the number of employees required to service customers by 10% to 40% through improved forecasting and optimised schedules
  • Improve employee productivity by 20% through better schedule adherence
  • Reduce time spent managing schedules through employee schedule self-service
  • Increase seat utilisation and decrease accommodation costs through better seat management

  • But that’s not all….

    Unfortunately for many organisations, the front office is measured to the minute with every interaction tracked, captured, assessed and optimised while the back office remains a closed system. In a survey of contact centre decision makers, 42% say that they are unable to effectively manage the end-to-end workflow of interactions.

    Customers may not see very far beyond their front office interactions, but the quality of their experiences is directly influenced by how effective people and processes are in the back office.

    Our Workforce Management tools allow effective planning and management of resources both in the front-line area of the contact centre, and in the back-office functions that enable and serve them. Speak to Amillan about how your service levels can be transformed through better management of all your resources.

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