Desktop Process Automation

Automation on the desktop: Amillan can develop “software robots” to execute basic, repetitive tasks as a human, providing real-time assistance to your agents…

Robotic Process Automation as a term first appeared early 2000 and has been cited in recent times by many Industry Analysts as a vital technology for contact centres. In all companies, Agents spend a great deal of time interfacing with numerous applications and data points to perform their tasks. They often are required to re-input data multiple times, copy/paste data from one application to another, follow complex processes, compare and check information in different applications etc. Robotic Process Automation implements “software robots” to automate these tedious and non-value adding tasks and provide assistance to the Agents to handle complexity, efficiently.

Why do contact centres need Robotic Process Automation?

  • Automate your business processes
  • Optimise efficiency and reduce costs
  • Enhance your customer and employee experience
  • Integrate your applications seamlessly

Task Automation Examples:

  • Mouse click
  • Copy / paste
  • Database integration
  • Web services integration
  • API integration
  • Data Input and replication
  • Screen & application navigation
  • Single Sign in / Start my day
  • Calculations
  • Data manipulation

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