Service Delivery


Your communication system has to fit your organisation precisely, not just at the beginning, but as your needs and demands change and develop. New elements have to blend in with your current environment. That’s why we commit our design consultants to working closely with you throughout the life of our partnership. They will advise, suggest and innovate, and ensure that you always have access to expert guidance and their expertise.

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The transition from legacy systems to new platforms is a delicate and critical process. Your organisation continues to operate throughout this time, and your staff and customers need to be willing participants in the journey. Getting you there takes careful planning and precise execution. Amillan has been doing this for 30 years and our project managers have gained vast experience in managing the implementation of new systems. It’s what we do…and we have plenty of customers who can confirm that we do it well.

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Amillan has a great ethos of customer care, and we’re proud of what we do. We will be your partner for years to come, so it’s comforting to know that we take the welfare of your organisation services very seriously. Our support services operate around the clock and can extend to a full managed service if required.

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Quality Procedures

Best practice processes and procedures guarantee the quality of the services we provide.

Industry Standards

Amillan engineers and consultants undertake regular training to ensure their skills are at the leading edge.

Case Studies & White Papers

Read case studies of Amillan's solutions installed across a broad and diverse customer base.

Case Studies

Read a selection of white papers from our partners.

White Papers